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    Absolute Serendipity is a curated collective, showcasing the work of some of our local artisans. We carry a large selection of furniture paint, brushes, stencils, decorative rollers, decorative hardware, stationery, gifts, refurbished furniture, vintage items, candles, tea, bath and body products, jewelry, quilts, and so much more. We also offer workshop and custom paint jobs.

We are the Canadian Distributor for L’Essentiel Botanics Furniture Paint.  For more Info see “Become a Retailer”


About The Owner

  Those who know me, may know me as a scientific mind (nerd) or creative spirit. That’s because I’ve been lucky to be both and had some incredible opportunities along the road. 


  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for colour and design. Even on a student budget, when I got my first apartment, I would find ways to make my home a haven and surround myself with little things that made me happy.

  Before that, my mom and my grandmother influenced me at a very young age, painting anything and everything. Wall colours would change every couple of years, furniture and decor would get painted to match the new look. Things got recycled and refreshed.

  Throw in a health issue, loss of passion for my environmental science career, with the hunger to become my own boss and here we are! I decided I needed a change, took a leave from my day job, then started my first business. The first business, although a great learning experience, wasn’t the kind of work I wanted to do long term. However, I knew from the first week into it that I could never work for someone else again. I sold the business and decided to take an interior design course.

  It all started with bringing in a few fabric sample books to help me design beautiful rooms for clients, then somehow, the opportunity and idea to get into the paint business happened. (Serendipity!)

  It’s been an incredible, rewarding, amazing adventure so far. Over the last year and half my little business has grown into something more than I ever imagined. I am truly grateful for my community’s support, without you I would not be here. I feel very fortunate.

  The hard work is nothing compared to the satisfaction and passion I feel while being creative and inspiring others.

  I named my business after my favourite movie and it also perfectly describes the way my business evolved. Serendipity (noun): finding something beautiful without looking for it.

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